“The versatility and ease of use of the Margin Perfect Matrix in placing direct composite restorations is unmatched. Diastema closures, direct composite veneers and peg shaped lateral build ups can all be done quickly and perfectly with this very simple and effective system.” 

Dr. Sepeideh Gharai, DDS

Toronto, Ontario


“There is no other way to isolate the margins and restore a tooth back to perfect margins and polish with a Class V lesion than the Margin Perfect Matrix. Closing diastemas and achieving  not only sealed margins, but perfect emergence profiles for tissue health becomes easy with the MPM.”

Dr. Mark Malterud, DDS

St. Paul, MN


“I find the Margin Perfect Matrix invaluable in simplifying composite placement of direct resin veneers. It allows me to achieve excellent, almost undetectable margins which lead to a beautiful result. It is an essential part of my cosmetic dentistry treatments.”

Dr. James Stuart-Smith (BDSc)

Melbourne Australia


"This clever polyester Mylar matrix system is a must-have for composite resin procedures."

Dr. Howard Glazer, DDS, FAGD

International Lecturer